Blessings in a Bottle!

Hi! I’m Lauren, and I love meeting others pursuing love, faithfulness, and simplicity. Phil and I are cultivating a quiet life with margin for learning, long talks, and lots of friends.

Essential oils infuse our home with a sense of peace and “cozy.” Incorporating them into our lifestyle helps create a haven for us and those we love. We bought a kit and joined the Young Living community in 2013 when a miscarriage and ongoing health needs left us with more questions than answers. Nothing’s been the same since!

Life is busy, so we’re glad you’ve found us here and we pray what you see makes you want to exhale, pull up a chair, and stay awhile!

Essential Oils

Are you wondering what essential oils are all about? Click below to find out why you need to know!

Seed to Seal Promise

If you're using essential oils not backed by a seed to seal quality guarantee, you are missing out.

Savvy Minerals!

Interested in natural makeup that actually works? Savvy Minerals by Young Living.

Are You Ready?

I can promise you that including essential oils in your daily routine will be a rewarding experience. Send me your name and email, and I’ll help you get started with the purest oils on the planet!

The Young Living Farms

Your essential oils experience will be directly related to the quality of the oils you use. We recommend Young Living® because they own and operate their own farms. Young Living controls the entire process from seed selection to planting, cultivation and distillation. There is no other essential oils company on the planet that provides the quality guarantee that Young Living provides!

Read more about the farms…

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