16 Strategies for Seasonal Strength

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on February 21, 2020

With cold and flu season in full swing from November – February, it’s important to have a plan for staying strong. While avoiding it altogether is ideal, once a virus finds you, it has to run its course. Allowing your immune system to fight can actually help you come out stronger on the other side, but there’s no sense in being a martyr. These strategies can help you avoid the storms of the season, as well as weather it well if one happens to take you down.

  1. Sleep – This is not the season to skimp on sleep. Plan for 7-8 hours nightly. We keep Immupro handy to help (hello, melotonin!) as well as boost our immune systems while our bodies get the rest they need to stay strong.
  2. Vitamin D – If you can absorb it while walking outside for 20-30 minutes daily, that’s ideal. But, if you need to supplement, keep this powerhouse on hand. We love Omegagize because this formulation helps the body maximize the nutritional absorption.
  3. Epson salts and baking soda baths help keep our pH on the alkaline side. Too much acidity creates a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, fungi, etc. all of which weaken our systems and compromise our strength. Soaking in a warm bath for 20 minutes with a cup of each of these goes a long way toward promoting a healthy pH balance, plus it’s super relaxing!
  4. Reduce stress – Stress sets off a chemical reaction that shuts down our immune system. Removing unnecessary events from the calendar, powering down the screens earlier in the evening, and being intentional about laughing a little each day are all helpful strategies. (James Corden’s Crosswalk Karaoke videos on YouTube have kept me giggling these past few weeks. Do you have a favorite?) Keeping a Stress Away roller handy wouldn’t hurt either!
  5. NingXia Red – This superfood, antioxidant powerhouse is a staple in our “strength training” for every season, but especially this time of year. Don’t leave home without it. Just don’t!
  6. Hydrate – A hydrated body is much stronger than one that’s become dehydrated. Don’t skimp on water this time of year! And, if plain water isn’t your thing, grab one of our new Vitality drop electrolytes to add flavor without refined sugars, artificial colorings, and the other kinds of unhelpful ingredients found in so many supposedly “healthy” beverages.
  7. Garlic – Keep some garlic cloves on hand to crush and swallow with a spoonful of honey for a cheap and easy antioxidant and immunity boost. If you’d rather not swallow it raw (and I admit, it’s an acquired taste!), try something like Kyolic garlic instead.
  8. Vitamin C – The amounts found in multivitamins (like Master Formula) and superfoods (like NingXia) are perfect for ordinary days. But, if you’re feeling compromised or just want to bolster your strength, reach for extra Vitamin C. The Super C chewables are our secret weapon for times like this all year round.
  9. Hydrogen Peroxide – Germs invade the body through our mouth, nose, ears, and skin. Hydrogen peroxide is a cheap and easy tool to keep handy for cleaning our ears. To use, pour a small amount in one ear and let it sit for 10 minutes, then drain and repeat in the other ear.
  10. Rose ointment – By itself, or with essential oils of choice stirred into it, this is good for keeping the inside of the nose lubricated. Dry membranes are ideal breeding ground for germs, while lubricated ones slow them down. Swipe the inside of each nostril with a small amount of ointment to keep membranes happy.
  11. Use Thieves mouthwash (or coconut oil pulling) to keep your mouth and throat clean. In addition to the power of Thieves essential oil, the mouthwash is formulated with colloidal silver, making it another super smart resource for staying strong all year round.
  12. Thieves household cleaner on everything this time of year! One bottle of concentrate will make umpteen bottles of cleaner that you can spray on hard surfaces to get after the yuckies that find their way into our homes.
  13. Gentle exercise like walking and yoga helps pump lymph through our bodies. Lymph plays a crucial role in keeping the immune system strong and it only moves when we do. Walking or playing outside is optimal because you get sunshine and fresh air at the same time. But we keep a small mini-trampoline in the house for walking inside on days that when hunkering in and staying cozy are preferable.
  14. Avoid refined sugars like the plague! Too much of them and you’ll come down with one. (wink)
  15. Diffuse the situation all the live long day! Seriously, keep the diffuser going, even if you just add 3-4 drops at a time. The essential oils will help purify the air, support a healthy respiratory system, and signal the adrenals to stop pumping cortisol and relax.
  16. Use a humidifier in the bedroom to keep moisture in the air. This helps keep your membranes happy during the night which is good for the same reasons as using rose ointment during the day.

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