About Us

I used to bury my head under the covers when the sun came up. Weary, discouraged, and disillusioned with all the things I’d tried that hadn’t worked, essential oils were a Godsend I didn’t know existed. Until … I bought a kit and joined a community. And nothing’s been the same since. Need hope? Come join us, because the world needs ALL of us to get up and thrive!

Friends know details about friends, right? So, here are some things you should know: I love belly laughs, old movies, warm hugs, deep conversations, mugs of coffee laced with cream, Amelia Peabody mysteries, essential oils, sand between my toes, a good massage, a clean kitchen, and flannel sheets on a frosty evening. Each of my nieces and nephews is my favorite. I think my husband pretty much hung the moon. And, I’m a sinner saved by grace.

My areas of interest and expertise include leadership, personal development, home business, organization, work/life balance, supporting optimal endocrine system function (thyroid, adrenals, hormone balance, energy), loving God and others, and making a difference in the world through acts of kindness. Most things I learned the hard way. Thanks to Young Living, I’ve been able to leverage the tremendous resources of this company to start building the foundation for a six-figure income while taking concrete steps toward optimal health and wellness.

Fifteen years ago I was uptight, stressed out, and struggling to get out of bed each morning. Perfection was my self-imposed expectation, and I worked hard to mask the failure to meet my own standard as I smiled on the outside and fell apart behind closed doors. Thank goodness I’m not in that place anymore! Now I’m a recovering perfectionist pursuing a life of authenticity, faithfulness, love and simplicity. I hope you’ll join me on the road from hopeless to hopeful! I love learning from others who, like me, are still in the midst of the journey.