The Comeback Mint

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on April 3, 2014

A few days ago I snapped this picture of tiny flecks of mint struggling through the dead leaves and branches in a pot on our porch. It was convicting evidence of our neglect and inability to keep close enough tabs on the Winter weather changes to always bring this baby in before a storm hit.

Sigh … I’ve never had a green thumb. The back porch potted herb garden is more Phil’s idea than mine. But, I sure love the convenience of easy access to fresh herbs when I’m in the kitchen.

I walked past this pot for the past few weeks thinking, “I really need to do something about this. It’s full of dead vines. I can’t believe anything could still be alive in there.”

But then I noticed a few glimpses of green and resolved to put life on hold for a few minutes, long enough to rip out the dead and water what was left of the life. A quick ten minute job. Simple, straightforward pruning.

That was four days ago. Look what I saw when I came home from work today: fresh life! Hearty stock that survived the buffeting winds, rain, and snow of a Dallas winter and lived to see another Spring. And, now that it’s been well pruned, I’m watching for a full comeback.

new life

Life is like that, right? The winds and storms blow – sometimes for a season that seems impossibly long. We feel forgotten or neglected by those who walk past us without seeming to see growing signs of need.

Yet underneath it all, a resilient sprig of hope remains ready to respond to the tender hands of the Ultimate Gardener. When He steps in to clear away the dead things, it may sting initially, but it’s for the purpose of freeing us to thrive. Today, let us thrill at His touch and reach for the sun.


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