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on April 14, 2015

Anyone ever heard of a “push goal” before? Prior to …. hmmm, about March 3, neither had I. But today I am so excited because the tremendous progress in this ONE area of my life/home has me really motivated to keep pursuing a variety of other goals I’ve set.

I had to discover a “new normal” when I left my job at Redeemer Seminary in March and transitioned back to working from home full-time. The first few weeks I spent catching up on things that just landed on a pile during the last few busy weeks at the school. But, then I started thinking: “What should my life look like now?” I mean, it’s one thing to fantasize about not having to be somewhere at a certain time each day, but it’s another to find a new rhythm altogether.

So back to the push goal. This is a something I was introduced to in March when I decided to do this: as a part of a business challenge in my Young Living group, the Oily Gurus. It’s a free, 30 day challenge designed by Chalene Johnson to help people think about what matters most to them (their priorities), set goals that are aligned with those priorities, and then begin taking steps to accomplish those goals.

Unlike other goals, a push goal is one that, once accomplished, sets off a chain reaction that makes reaching your other goals easier. Picture a row of dominoes and think about what happens when you push the first one over. That first domino? That’s your push goal.

So, the one I chose was to reorganize my home office by the end of May. I knew doing this would energize me and make it easier for me to accomplish my other goals. My creativity and productivity thrive when my environment is organized and attractive, but clutter derails me. There was no way I could be effective when all I saw over the lid of my laptop were piles of things heaped on the desk and scattered around the borders of the room. (Maybe some of you can relate!)

Because this room doubles as both office and media room (and occasional guest room), Phil and I had to work on this together. That’s been a good thing for us because it’s brought up all kinds of things like decor preferences, budget priorities, etc. It took time to get on the same page about the project, but it is SOOO worth it now that the room is finished.

Do you need a push to make some changes? You can do it! And this challenge might be just right for you. (Remember, it’s free!)

Tomorrow, I’ll break down the steps I took to accomplish the goal and show you more pictures of the finished room. In the meantime, what’s one of the goals you’re pushing toward these days? I’d love to know so I can cheer you on!


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