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on November 14, 2018

One of the best things about the holidays is gathering with those we love. Whether it’s preparing family favorites in the kitchen, good natured rivalries during college bowl games, or picking out the perfect Christmas tree, we want to savor our time together this time of year. But sometimes real life gets in the way of our Hallmark moments; am I right?!

A couple years ago our family planned a reunion weekend to celebrate my mother’s birthday at Thanksgiving. We schemed and strategized for months until finally all of us were gathered in one place for the first time in years. As you can imagine, there was lots of interaction as cousins played and adults solved the world’s problems; we snapped lots of pictures and savored yummy food.

Along with the fun and excitement, three of us brought unexpected “guests” in the form of something or other that had us feeling a bit under the weather. ‘Tis the season, y’all! Not to be deterred, the hostesses gathered their diffusers and set them up to do their thing.

Not familiar with diffusers? Before joining Young Living, I’d only ever seen them in spas, so I was interested to discover the benefits of having one in our home. Here’s how they work: you fill them with water, add drops of your favorite essential oils, turn them on, and breathe. Sounds simple enough, right?! As the diffusing mechanism vibrates, it sends microscopic droplets of essential oil and water into the air. Whoever breathes in the vicinity absorbs the tiny drops of oils into their lungs and, from there, they move quickly through the body. (If this intrigues you like it does me, try googling “benefits of diffusing essential oils” to learn more.)

Have you ever noticed the power of smell to create a mood? It’s the whole science behind perfume and cologne, right? Not to mention the way we access memories. Think about why we use humidifiers at night or sit in a sauna. There’s just a connection between the air we breathe and how we feel.

But, back to the family reunion! Obviously, with lots of us in close proximity, the threat of swapping germs was high and that wasn’t at all the kind of “gift” any of us wanted to pass along. In addition to creating a festive mood, another benefit of diffusing certain essential oils is that they can neutralize germs in the air just like they neutralize unwelcome odors. And, I’m happy to report that that’s just how diffusing worked for us that weekend.

Despite the close proximity, we managed to swap hugs without swapping germs. How’s THAT for a happy holiday memory?! Now when we all get together, diffusers are just part of the protocol.


Some of our favorite blends for this time of year include Thieves, Christmas Spirit, and Abundance. For more ideas about ways to use essential oils around the holidays, check out this post from Young Living. Don’t have a diffuser yet? These are such an awesome tool for enjoying your essential oils, they come standard when you purchase a Premium Starter Kit.

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