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on August 19, 2014

Hello from your long-lost friend! When I wrote my last post in June I had every intention of following up quickly with this one. And then our kitchen remodel happened.

Now, for those of you who have lived through a remodel, you can appreciate my ignorance. For those who haven’t, consider yourselves warned! I thought the fact that my entire kitchen was going to be stored in the middle of our living room for a “short” span – “Just 3 weeks,” said the contractor – would not affect my ability to continue the rest of my life with nothing but excitement over the fact that we were getting a new kitchen. Sigh … we know better now. After 3 weeks turned into 7. After the original estimate went over by several *cough* thousand dollars.

Well, we know more than we did in June. And we’re delighted with our new space. But it absolutely, most certainly affected my ability to navigate the rest of what we’ve had going on this summer. More on that in another post … hopefully coming sooner rather than later!

But at the end of the last post, where I shared about the mixed feelings resulting from the good news we received about my thyroid, I mentioned wanting to give you all some insight into what particular steps we’ve taken over the last year to arrive at a better place health-wise. And I really do want to fill you in on that because I know there are others out there who will find it helpful to hear what we’ve done.

If you’ve followed the blog at all, you know that we joined Young Living last summer and began incorporating essential oils into my daily routine. Over time we’ve created our own “protocol” of sorts to specifically address my endocrine system needs. Of course I can in no way diagnose, prescribe, or otherwise give medical advice. This is just what seems to be working well for me! But, in the spirit of encouragement for others, this is what I’ve been using and a little of the rationale behind our choices.

We started from the premise that the whole body is connected (body/soul/spirit) and the belief that the benefits of supporting one area carry over to the others. As I’ve dealt with health issues over the years I’ve seen and experienced clear connections between hormones, emotions, blood sugar, energy levels, pain and sleep. So, the products we’ve used all touch on one or more of those areas. Some have very targeted purposes, and others are for general wellbeing. The ones I’m sharing about today are what we’ve used specifically because of my thyroid and adrenal issues. The list of those used for general wellbeing would be much longer!

for thyroid

Thyromin is a supplement containing essential oils that provides overall support for the endocrine system, but the thyroid in particular. It contains iodine, which is a trace mineral critical to a healthy thyroid function. I’ve used 1-2 capsules daily, right before bed, for several months now.

Valor is an oil blend. Based on the recommendations of a medical doctor who presented at the 2013 Young Living convention, I use one drop under my tongue morning and evening to help balance the thyroid. In addition to thyroid function, Valor is good for helping alleviate feelings of depression, stress, anxiety and despair. As it turns out, it even reduces these emotions subconsciously as evidenced by the fact that I no longer wake up with a sore jaw from grinding my teeth in my sleep.


for adrenals

EndoFlex is another oil blend designed to support the endocrine system and promote balance. I place a couple drops in my hands, inhale the oil, then rub my hands over my throat (thyroid area) and lower back (adrenal area). I do this morning and evening.

Nutmeg is an oil I applied to the bottoms of my feet and over my adrenals (1-2 drops at a time) for several weeks. I haven’t done this as faithfully, but it has been part of my routine at times and I frequently hear it recommended for those with adrenal fatigue.

Progessence Plus is a serum designed to support a healthy hormone balance. Since the adrenals and thyroid contribute to the overall balance of hormones in the body, when their production is “off”, it has a kind of domino effect on everything else. I have used this daily for over a year. I adjust the number of drops I use as my body moves closer to balance. Since hormones fluctuate all the time, this can be a daily or weekly adjustment and has required being much more attentive to what my body seems to need at any given time.

Ningxia Red is an antioxidant drink that helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and energy (among other things). If I had it to do all over again, I would have bit the bullet and started using this regularly right from the start. But, we held off until a few months ago because of the cost. Since we began drinking an ounce or two of this regularly though, we’re pretty hooked. I’m experiencing consistent energy levels … SUCH a relief after all the years when I started to feel like I was losing my mind mid-way between meals each day.

Something I don’t have a picture of but that I’ve recently added for adrenal support is Idaho Balsam Fir, a spruce oil blend that supports normal cortisol production. I’ve been amazed at how much more calm I feel in general now that I’ve learned to add a drop of that to my forehead each morning and evening. Cortisol is that fight-or-flight hormone that our adrenal glands produce. For many with adrenal fatigue, their cortisol production is stuck in “on” mode. In the completely novice “therapeutic trials” I’ve done for myself, I found that this oil seems to have the ability to calm unwanted production which, in turn, supports my body’s ability to get better, deeper rest and not feel like it is constantly preparing to attack or run.

Finally, Super C, a Vitamin C supplement containing essential oils is something I’m taking morning and evening as well. I learned from my acupuncturist that, when glands have operated from a deficit for a period of time, it’s good to saturate them with nutrients as they move back toward balance.  One thing I learned at the convention I attended in June is that research seems to indicate that supplements containing pure, therapeutic grade essential oils like Young Living’s are much more easily assimilated by the body. This confirmed my experience while taking these particular supplements: they just seemed to work better than other brands I’ve tried over the years.

This run down doesn’t include all the emotional and spiritual work (read: detoxing) I’ve done over the past year. As I mentioned before, I firmly believe in the mind/body/soul/spirit connection. So, I know beginning to offload things that have been buried for years has also influenced my movement back toward a healthy, energetic place. I’m currently researching how the oils can help address issues related to trauma and look forward to sharing some here at some point in the near future.

I hope this has been helpful! If you’d like to know more about essential oils, please take a few minutes to poke around the rest of the website, send me a message, or post a question below. And, to follow my blog, enter your email and you’ll be added to the notification listing when (and only when) a new post is added.


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