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on June 1, 2016



When we first began our venture into Young Living, my whole focus was on wellness … my wellness, to be exact. The resources were a lifeline and I needed one because, to be honest, I was drowning. Fast forward three years and I’m at a completely different place. Whew!

Not only have I experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual strengthening, our involvement with Young Living has brought with it another pretty unexpected blessing: a new revenue stream.

After 30+ years (combined) working with and for non-profits, Phil and I now find ourselves launching into a new arena. We’re leveraging what we’ve learned about having our own business into a class to help others gain the knowledge and skills they need to join us as part-time entrepreneurs. We are so excited about sharing things like:

  • 9 advantages to becoming your own boss
  • 3 ways to evaluate a business opportunity
  • 11 characteristics of the ideal part-time, home-based business
  • 6 skills you need to leverage your network (without alienating your friends!) and succeed as an entrepreneur

If you’d like to learn how to leverage YOUR network and get paid for your work more than once, shoot me an email and let’s chat! I’ll fill you in on our teaching schedule and share some of the resources that have inspired us. We believe that change – on a personal and societal level – starts with one life, one day at a time. That’s how we live. That’s why we teach.

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