Hope Is on the Way

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on November 20, 2018

If you’re just tuning in, this picks up the story after this post introduced our surprising journey into the valley of infertility. Although it was a plot twist we hadn’t anticipated, God went before us and, as we are about to learn, hope was already headed our way from an entirely unexpected source.

One thing I love about the book of Ruth is that after everything goes wrong: she’s barren, her father-in-law dies, her brother-in-law dies, her husband dies, her mother-in-law slips into depression, she decides to leave her culture and start over in a new country, a refugee with no prospects, the poorest of the poor … after ALL that, she arrives and there’s a harvest happening.

Know what that means? Someone planted the seeds long before Ruth got there. When she couldn’t provide for herself, God went before her to make things ready. Hope was on the way WELL before she started looking for it. And, that’s how I like to think about what happened next for me.

When we last tuned in, I was the one so distraught that life wasn’t turning out as I’d planned that getting out of bed each day is a struggle. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m scared to have another dream after the one I hold most dear bleeds away.

But the God who is sovereign over all the things, the One who loves me, has gone before and planted a seed. (Literally!) And He shows up in a seemingly random message from a casual friend who saw and responded to a Facebook post.

Turns out, Sandi recognizes a fellow struggler and reaches out. She offers friendship and shares an idea. Basically, she plants a seed. Maybe I haven’t tried absolutely every.single.thing after all. It sure feels like it! I’ve looked for ways to meet my body’s needs without drugs for over a decade. I think I know a lot about alternatives to conventional medicine. But, it’s true; I know very little about essential oils. And, even though I don’t want to get up early on a Saturday to go listen to someone school me about them, I do.

And it changes everything.

Of course, I don’t know it at the time, but God has just thrown me a lifeline. I’m about to reap what others have sown. (Pun *totally* intended!) Not only will these resources begin to reach into my cells and help restore my emotional balance, but I’ve just joined a new community. A group of people who aren’t too busy to brainstorm and learn with me, support me, and cheer me on as I begin to learn a new language and find my way in a new wellness space.

That summer I spend a lot of time soaking in Epson salt baths and reading up on how and why essential oils work. I run our new toy – a diffuser – constantly and am amazed that *these* fragrances don’t give me headaches. I gave up scented lotions and perfumes years ago because of the reactions they triggered. Something about these is different.

The more I use the oils, the more strange things begin to happen. Shoots of hope begin to sprout everywhere! I experience some pretty strong emotional detox reactions. As my body chemistry changes, I actually start to release emotional pain I’ve buried. I begin to remember things from early days, days when the seeds of heresy were first planted, before I even started that first job. I cry, release the pain, rehearse the truth, thank God for progress, and repeat.

And, the timing couldn’t be better. Thank God He had gone before! Without the healing happening in my heart, I don’t know if I could have weathered the storm that was about to break.


I’m grateful to John Piper for his insights on God’s provision for Ruth, as well as Carolyn Custis James and her work, The Gospel of Ruth. Want to learn more about essential oils? Click here to learn more about the Feelings kit or here for more general information about essential oils and why Young Living is the only brand we have in our home.


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