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on January 2, 2019

A few weeks ago I shared how the Lord taught us to walk through the door that’s open rather than crumpling in defeat in front of ones He’s allowed to close. Click here to catch that part of the story and then this post will make more sense!

Coming to grips with infertility is gut-wrenching, but mercifully, we never lose hope that my body can at least stabilize at a spot above the proverbial wellness line. My new doctor looks for things no one else ever considered and so we discover, for the first time, some fundamental pieces to the puzzle.

Fifteen years into the journey, we learn how MTHFR (a genetic complication), leaky gut, parasites, and heavy metal toxicity are hindering healing. I’ve addressed issues from the top down for a long time and now it’s time to attack the roots. I believe it’s no coincidence that these things surface as emotional and spiritual healing continues to proceed. You just cannot tease out the parts of our being and address them in isolation.

We plug into a new normal, a new protocol. First diet changes: foods with wheat, sugar, and GMOs must go. I’ve already worked with an expert in both Chinese and Western medicine to address food allergies; now it’s time to focus on repair work. After a few months, I add infrared sauna treatments to my routine. For the first 6 months, I cry more often than not as I sit alone for an hour at a time, sweating out the things that have bound me up for so many years.

Heavy metals are curious things. These toxic chemicals occur naturally in the environment: think lead, arsenic, aluminum, tin, etc. They are also byproducts of industrial production and our food, water, and air supply is ridden with them. When we absorb them into our bodies, they do a variety of devious things: like killing enzymes our cells use to produce energy, occupying cellular receptor sites that would otherwise allow nutrients to flow in and out of the cell walls freely, and locking down our cells in ways that keep up from maintaining what the body always wants at the cellular level: balance … what our spirits respond to as peace. These toxins warp down to the DNA, not unlike sin. What I learn deepens my understanding of how far the world has fallen from the perfection God originally designed.

Some days I detox just fine. My body keeps up with the sloughing off process and I feel almost normal. Other days, not so much. Detox overload (often referred to as herxing) results in exhaustion, achy muscles, headaches, depression. I learn that genetic complications and emotional baggage hinder the process, so that it’s harder for me than it is for some. I’m grateful to be able to rest when I need to, even though part of me resents having the need. God and I are still leaning into that conversation!

For months, I sit in a small, hot box and sweat several hours a week. I think about the disappointments and the plot twists of my story. I begin to adjust to a new level of quiet, one in which I actually listen rather than drowning out thoughts and feelings I don’t want to face. I thank God for granting me part-time work I can do from home when I have the mental energy to focus. I say no to some things I wish I could do, but I can’t commit to because my energy swings are unpredictable.

And, what is Prince Charming doing all this time? Fulfilling his vows, being an amazingly tender channel of God’s love. We learn a new level of endurance.


Dirty Genes is one of the most accessible books I’ve read in trying to make sense of how genetic mutations impact every day life. Dr. Lynch includes questionnaires that’ll help you discern if this is something at play in your situation. And, if the health benefits of infrared saunas intrigue you, a Google search will yield a variety of articles and blog posts detailing the potential of including this in your wellness strategy.

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