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on December 26, 2018

This week I had a “thing”. My chiropractor suggested looking at the lymph system (think: immune boosting, germ fighting superhero), so I did a little research. And, what do you know?! Guess what’s perfect for that?

We had no clue when we received Lemongrass for free this month just how much we would need it!

Usually I use lemongrass on dryer balls since it gives the laundry such a fresh, clean scent, but this week I’ve been massaging it all over my jawline and neck along with upping the Inner Defense and Super C. Because no one wants to be sidelined at Christmas … or when we’re about to roll into a brand, sparkly new year!

It started with a headache. I’ve learned through years of using essential oils that the root cause matters when it comes to matching an oil with one of those little flags the body sends to let us know it’s been compromised. A big front was blowing through that first day, so I assumed my discomfort had to do with the pressure system. I’ve found Basil and Panaway helpful when that’s the case, so those were what I reached for first.

Had I thought I was responding to something blowing “in” the breeze, Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint combo would’ve been my combo of choice. Peppermint’s also one of my go-tos for relieving tense, sore muscles. It pairs well with Stress Away when all that happens on the daily translates into tension in my neck, back and head.

But, I digress! After experimenting for 24 hours or so with limited success, I called my chiropractor. In the process of the adjustment, she observed that the lymph nodes along my jawline were congested and did a little massage to help get the lymph moving. I was also experiencing some discomfort in my ears as well as dizziness, so together we zeroed in on the system most in need of support: the lymphatic.

This system plays an integral role in supporting the body’s immune defenses and has “nodes” positioned all around the body. If you’ve never looked it up, check Google images and you’ll immediately see clusters of lymph nodes positioned around the neck and jawline, under the arms, in the groin area, and behind the knee caps. Lymph is a fluid that gets pumped through our system when we move. This is one benefit of exercise; even a short, brisk walk around the block or a few minutes of yoga stretches helps move keep the lymph moving.

Once we put the clues together, I could go on the offensive. I reached for Lemongrass, along with prioritizing exercise, rest, hot liquids,
a warm Epson salt bath, as well as resisting the urge to eat all the Christmas goodies in the house!

I throw my almost empty essential oils bottles into this glass jar of Epson salts,
so I always have oil-infused salts at the ready.

I’m happy to say, a day or two of the Lemongrass strategy (along with these other things, of course!), and my energy rebounded. It’s amazing what the body does when we listen to the cues it sends us … often those things we think of as “symptoms” … rather than just ignoring or masking them.

I was already a fan of Lemongrass on dryer balls and in the diffuser. It’s particularly yummy with Basil. But from now on, it’ll also be one I keep at the ready for times like these. Such a gift to have this in our wellness cabinet!


Click here for more on Lemongrass and Lemongrass Vitality essential oils from Young Living. This blog post shares 9 benefits and uses of Lemongrass. And, if you’re ever in need of a chiropractor here in Dallas, you’ve got to visit my friend, Dr. Caley Nawrocki at Inwood Chiropractic. She’s the best!

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