Lord, lead me gently!

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on March 30, 2017

As much as I’m liking the slower pace, it feels … well, to be honest, awkward. I like it, but sometimes it feels indulgent. It may take me months to feel at home with this new rhythm, just like it would take months for Phil and I to earn learn the tango. (Or any other dance step, for that matter!) If only I could twirl with as much abandon and flair as this sweet thing!

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This morning’s chapter in Rhythms of Rest included this jarring statement:

“Extravagant wastefulness with time might prove the most productive thing you choose for yourself.”

I can’t help wondering if this is part of the method behind the message God seeks to convey as He paces the unfolding of His redemptive plan. His work never feels rushed as the centuries unfold, one after another, through the Old Testament. Ever notice how He often chooses the small thing, the one “most-unlikely” person through which to continue the narrative?

Like Abraham … not even a father until late (LATE!) in life, yet he’s the one trusted with raising the son of promise. Years later, his children’s children end up as slaves in Egypt for 400 years. Then wander around the desert for 40 years. Can you imagine?! I like the idea of camping, now and then, but 40 years with just a few hundred thousand friends and nothing but sand as far as the eye can see? No thank you! And how about the centuries of silence between the last of the Old Testament prophets and the birth of Christ? A.C.H.I.N.G.L.Y S.L.O.W.

And then there’s us … 2000 years after Jesus lived and left the planet with a promise to come back “soon”. Clearly God’s perspective of time is different than mine. Clearly. I’m impatient just waiting for the 3 minute timer to go off signaling my coffee is ready to be French pressed. And don’t get me started on the person in the driver’s seat at the front of the lane texting when the light turns green!

So, the reflection on rest is gently shaking some things in my soul. And, I find myself praying things like this, “Father, please keep leading me gently. Teach me how to live at the right pace, to follow as You lead me through this awkward dance. Help me learn the steps and embrace a quiet life because I CAN.”

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