What a difference a shelf makes

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on March 22, 2014

Ever notice how a little thing like clutter can make you feel just a bit crazy? By “a bit crazy” I mean that anxious feeling that starts to creep in when the margins of life are thinning to the point that anything sets you off.

Like the person at the front of the line of traffic who misses the light changing because they are texting. Just drive already!

Or waiting for Facebook news to reload on my phone. Because 30 seconds it way too long to wait for anything in the digital age, right?!

Ahem … when those kinds of things start pushing me over the edge, then I know I’m in need of some more simplicity. And decluttering – even a small space – is a great way to add some emotional air back into the atmosphere.

As I’ve added to my oil collection over the past months, I’ve slowly accumulated lots of little bottles. And I want easy access to each of them! So, I started putting them on this little decorative shelf next to the sink in my small bathroom. (Did I mention it’s small?)

oils before

Over time I started to notice that looking at the shelf led to that heart-tightening, shallow breathing, I’m-about-to-be-irritated kind of feeling. So, a couple Saturdays ago, I asked Phil if he would install a shelf for me just under this one, a shelf I could devote to the oils only.

Voila! A short jaunt to Lowe’s and a few $$ later, here is the result: a great display for my oily obsession provides easier access for grab and go usage and the shelf above is restored to its original purpose.

oils after


It amazes me how a simple thing like a shelf has me breathing easier whenever I go into this room. What kinds of little things could you do to simplify your life and restore some breathing space?



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