Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!

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on January 19, 2017

Vitamins and minerals in general are very important to supporting our wellness. No surprise there. I’m guessing that’s why God infused our food with them, right? 100 years ago most people spent a lot of time outside, and they had no trouble soaking up sunshine on a regular basis. But today, most of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and we’ve been scared out of spending time in the sun because of all the publicity about the dangers of developing skin cancer. While it’s certainly important to be wise about our time in the sunshine, all the time indoors has caused many of us to become deficient in Vitamin D, and since Vitamin D is particularly critical when you’re going through a hard time, that’s not good.

How can you tell if your Vitamin D is low? Here’s a quick quiz to give you an idea:

  1. Do you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep?
  2. Do you notice energy highs and lows throughout the day?
  3. Are any of your hormones out of whack?
  4. Ladies, do you struggle with PMS?
  5. Do you have trouble concentrating?
  6. Do you feel down in the dumps more often than not?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, and it’s something that’s happening on a regular basis, then chances are good that your Vitamin D levels may not be at an optimal level. Why? Because all of these things are linked to hormones, and Vitamin D is one of the major building blocks the body uses to make them.

Here’s some good news: sunshine is one of those things that supports both your physical and emotional wellness. Turns out, “Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy” isn’t just a sappy lyric!sunshineHave you ever noticed how much better you feel just by taking a break and getting outside for a few minutes? Studies suggest that just 15 minutes in the sun (without sunscreen), 3 times a week may be enough. Sunscreen filters out some of the kinds of light that are beneficial to your body so you don’t want to wear it when you’re trying to boost your Vitamin D. You want to spend enough time outside to soak up some rays without staying out so long that your skin begins to burn.

An easy way to maximize your time is to go for a walk outside, that way you get your sun and your exercise at the same time. Add a some prayer or time with a friend to it, and you’re hitting all kinds of wellness boosters! But, we all have days when it’s just not in you to move much. (Believe me; I’ve had my share!) On those days, it’s especially important to make time, even if just for a few minutes, to sit outside so that sunshine (and fresh air!) can help the healing that’s going on inside.

While you’re there, enjoy something like this, the song that inspired the title of today’s post:

For some, just getting outside more is enough to optimize your Vitamin D. But, if you need to supplement – and lots of us do – choose a combination of Vitamin D with a high quality fish oil. It seems that the body absorbs both the omega oils and the vitamin better in combination than separately. Of the brands I’ve tried, Young Living’s OmegaGize is my favorite: Let me know if you’d like to learn how to get the wholesale discount on this!

Do you know what all of our first 3 tips have in common? They don’t have to cost you a dime! However, making them a priority may require that you take a hard look at your schedule and figure out how you’re going to make them happen. Because, your wellness is worth it. And if you’re serious about supporting a heart that’s been hurt, then you may have to make some changes.

That’s it for now! See you next time when we’ll talk about a way to fight stress lying down.

Hint: For more on the importance of sunshine for a healthy and happy heart, do an online search for “Depression and Vitamin D Deficiency” and you’ll find a number of articles that explore the connection.

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