The Fragrance of Healing

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on April 27, 2017

“Wholeness waits along rugged roads we never thought we would travel.” Margaret Feinberg

I recently read “Made Well” by Jenny Simmons. When I cry in the first chapter, I know it’s going to be a good read and another step forward in the healing journey. Jenny’s sister miscarried twin girls at 23 weeks and almost died of infection. And she writes of aching “after we buried the babies.”

My first thoughts were flashbacks to the horror of burying a baby niece after having just 53 short hours with her this side of heaven. And then they eased over to the ache of never holding our own babies. All I have for now is the name God put on my heart for each of them. A name, and the echo of baby laughter I heard in a dream I had shortly after our first miscarriage.

I’m grateful for those things, and all things being equal, a part of me is so grateful their first breaths were taken in heaven. But oh … the tears are never far from the surface.


What do you do when your dearest dreams die? You ache and weep and then you pray for a new dream. At least that’s what I did. And, I will always be grateful for Sandi, the friend who introduced me to Young Living, for that very reason. The oils helped ease the desperate ache after our second loss and restored my hope that there were things yet to live for. Life wasn’t over just because I couldn’t have children. I bought a kit and joined a community.

As I felt well enough to share – like extending crumbs really – the commissions funded my journey back to finding myself. Back to dreaming again. Back to having enough energy and motivation to unpack the stored up pain of the past, one matchbox, then one shoebox at a time. And slowly, the healing is picking up speed, at least that’s my hope and prayer. And I share about Young Living and the oils because I can’t separate them from our story. God ushered them into our lives at just right time, knowing they would be for us the fragrance of healing and life.

There’s no way I’d be where I am today without Young Living. And today is a happy day! We’re surrounded by loving, like-minded people journeying with us toward wellness, purpose, and abundance that is holistic and heavenly-minded. We’re investing in the 425+ families that God has led to join us and we’re serious about supporting them as they move toward their own goals. And, we’re positioned financially for long-term growth with income potential we couldn’t even have imagined four years ago! But, there’s *always* room for more! If healing and hope are something you’re looking for, I’d love to hear from you. Perhaps we can journey together? You can reach me through the contact form on the website.

***The sculpture pictured was handmade for us by Dana Pecoraro, the talented artist with such a big heart behind The Midnight Orange shop on Etsy. Phil had it commissioned for us and surprised me with it at Christmas. I love it.

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