What Makes the Impossible Possible?

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on May 11, 2019

What a difference six years can make! Back then I could barely get out of bed. I won’t sugarcoat it. Sadness and despair over our losses had me in what felt like a death grip. No hope. And then, an acquaintance in my network told me about something that was helping her.

I bought the oils because I had to try. I didn’t have much hope, but I had enough for the first drop. And the next. And then something shifted inside,and I just kept dropping. I went from hopeless to hope-filled. Not overnight, and not without research, experiments, prayer, and time. But, goodness! When hope comes rushing home after a long hiatus, you just have to share it, right?

I knew nothing about network marketing at the time but was happy my friend got a “thank you” from Young Living for helping point me in a healthy direction. Over time, I’ve gone from feeling super awkward about the business model to fully embracing and appreciating it. And, the shift has revolutionized my desire to support small businesses, whether the entrepreneur is a friend or not!!

Remember the days when everyone supported everyone else’s business and the exchange was part of life? Probably not! It went out with the Little House on the Prairie days, and now we’re so used to clicking and shipping with anonymity that we rarely even think about who benefits from the purchases we make.

But, someone *always* earns a profit on our purchases. Think about it: the basis of business is exchanging goods and services for money, and money always – only – comes from people. I get so incredibly happy when the person who profits from my purchases gets to be a real live friend instead of a faceless executive! And on the flip side, I’m so grateful for the paycheck when friends allow me to be the one who guides them toward the things I know will help them hope again too. What. A. Joy!!

Which brings me back to the little note I got to write just now and the precious friend who’s about to get a box full of goodies delivered straight to her doorstep next week. It’s just like God to turn our suffering, trials and weaknesses into something that breathes life into others when we share what we’re learning. He’s always in the business of restoration! And it’s so, so fun when we get to be part of the “impossible” He’s making possible.

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