Why Oils?

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on March 23, 2014

So how did you come to use essential oils? In a perfect world, I would want to sit down and tell you all about this over coffee or tea in my living room, but since that’s not a possibility for most of you … here is a summary to start our conversation about the oils.

The world of holistic health has been of interest to me since I was diagnosed with “multiple systemic exhaustion syndrome” in 2001, so I’ve been looking for and learning about alternatives to the traditional medical approach for a long time.

Our two miscarriages over the past 1 ½ years launched me into another round of research and it was while I was recovering from our second (as well as surgery to remove a uterine fibroid) that a friend told me about essential oils.

Phil and I went to an introductory class and decided to give them a try. We knew that my body wasn’t absorbing nutrients well, so we thought that something beneficial that could be absorbed through the skin would be a better choice than the oral supplements I had been taking for years. Using the natural energy contained in plants, in a concentrated (distilled) form, makes sense to us. As best we can tell, plants and herbs were the original “medications” long before pharmaceutical companies came into existence.

In many ways, we feel like we’re going back to nature and seeing the genius of God’s design embedded in the plants used to create essential oils. So, here’s a list of things we’ve experienced over the past few months:

  • Natural relief for occasional sore throats and canker sores
  • Better, deeper sleep
  • A more healthy hormone balance (Me, not Phil!)
  • Fast relief for occasional digestive distress
  • Restored pH balance for a healthy immune system
  • Natural relief for occasional head and neck tension
  • Faster ability to recover when we’ve been hit with colds and the flu
  • Healthy skin and hair
  • More balanced emotions (again, me not Phil)
  • Most oral supplements replaced with oils or no longer needed
  • Cleaning products replaced with oil-based, non-toxic options

Perhaps the biggest surprise in all of this has been the emotional healing I’ve experienced. Some of that relates to my hormones being more balanced. I have more energy now and that does a lot for my morale too. I had taken a natural serotonin booster for years to help balance my moods and I don’t need that any more to maintain a positive outlook on life.

Strange as it may sound, the oils have also – by supporting my efforts to have a healthy body – allowed negative emotions that had been buried for years to surface. Once they did, I was able to think, cry, and pray my way through processing them and truly release them from my body, mind, emotions and spirit. I can’t tell you how much more free I feel in my spirit having been able to deal with those things – some of which were buried very deep!

So, we’re grateful to Sandi, who introduced us to the oils, and to Courtney and Sandi who have been coaching us through the learning process. And, we’re grateful to God who we feel led us to the right thing for us at just the right time. We also really appreciate Young Living, the company that makes the oils we use.

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