You Can’t Beat a Good Night’s Sleep

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on January 12, 2017

Welcome back! We’re kicking off this post with a question: what does your body have to do to get your attention? Check out the video to see where I’m going with this and then scroll down for some helpful tips that just might change your life!

So, how much sleep do you need? Well, it varies a bit from person to person, but most doctors agree that the average person needs about 7-8 hours of sleep in order to function normally. I’m sure the moms with young ones are thinking, “I wish!” But, I bet mothers are the first to recognize the difference it makes for them – and their little ones – to get a solid night’s sleep.

If you want to give your body its best chance for healing as well as support your emotional health, there’s no getting around it. You have got to make sleep a priority. Otherwise, you’re just prolonging the problem.

In her book, Emotional Freedom, Dr. Judith Orloff says that sleep is as precious to the body as oxygen, food, and water. Good, quality sleep recharges the part of our brain that controls our emotions, sharpens our ability to learn and remember, strengthens our immune system, and improves our general mood. (Emotional Freedom, p.62-63)

So, how can you improve your sleep? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make it a priority! Getting enough sleep is a simple way to maximize your potential because it allows your body and soul to function at their best. If you have to, put it on the calendar. Set an alarm on your phone for when you want to start winding down.
  • Establish a routine: As much as is reasonably possible, go to bed and get up at the same time each day.
  • Turn screens (as in TV, iPad, phone) off at least an hour before bedtime and keep them out of the bedroom.
  • Diffuse essential oils in the bedroom to set the mood for a peaceful night’s sleep. Young Living Lavender and Cedarwood is one of my favorite combinations.

Sweet dreams

sleep is a reminder

So, what will you try – or something else you already do – to promote quality sleep?

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